How you can Create a Blog Network on your Own

How you can Create a Blog Network on your Own

Blog networks have the potential of making thousands of dollars each month and although you use to not be able to run your own network, you now have the possibility to do so. All of the blog networks that have been around the past couple of years all had a large amount of employees to create content and build links. Now a single person has the chance to own and operate there own blog network without having to spend any money outsourcing work. Your blogs won’t be as good as the blog networks generating millions a year, but you could earn thousands a month with very little overhead.

In order to run your own blog network you’ll need to spend some money initially on your domains, hosting and tools. The investment to start a blog network is cheap for most, but if you’re just starting out in the online world then this might not be for you. I suggest that you’re familiar with blogging and everything else that goes along with running a blog. If you expect to run your own blog network then you’ll already need to possess certain internet marketing skills. If you feel you have the experience and time to run a blog network then continue reading through this article to see the initial investment you’ll need to spend.

The first two things you need are domains and a hosting plan. The good thing about blogs is that they don’t take much hosting space up on your hosting so you don’t need a large plan. You will need to have different C-Class IP’s though in order to keep out of the eyes of Google. I personally use the SEOHosting plan which gives me 5 C-Class IP’s for $35 per month. As I increase my network they also allow you to upgrade your hosting account without having to change anything which is a feature I liked.

Once you have your domains and hosting ready then you will need to invest in the tools to run your blog network. If you don’t plan on outsourcing then most of your blogs will most likely not be able to be unique content as it’s impossible for you to write for tons of blogs everyday. To avoid having to update each blog yourself you can use an RSS Scraper which will automatically post to your blogs from the feeds you’ve uploaded. For instance you can upload the Yahoo Sports RSS feed into your blog and then every time there is a new post on the Yahoo Sports section it will be posted on your blog. This way your blogs are constantly getting content. If you’re worried about the content not being unique then you should get BlogSlammer which makes the content unique. The content isn’t very easy to read though so you might not like the results. If you don’t like the rewritten content from BlogSlammer then you should get the WordPress Unique Content Plug-In. It adds HTML code to your posts that isn’t seen on the blog, but the search engines see it and it makes all the content unique. This way your readers can read real content and you’ll still be indexed at the same time.

Other tool you should consider getting to make your life a lot easier is the Social Bookmarking Demon software tool and also the Article Post Robot software tool. SBD allows you to quickly and effortlessly submit your content into many of the popular social bookmarking plug-ins. APR lets you submit articles to hundreds of directories and saves you a ton of time.

You don’t need these tools right away, but if you want the quickest results then you should spend the money to get the few tools listed above. As you begin to make money you should invest a certain percentage of this profits into more software to run your network. You always want to work smarter and not harder as a webmaster which is why you need the right software. So if you were considering starting your own blog network now you have the knowledge you need to get the project underway.

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