How to Make Money by Blogging

How to Make Money byBlogging Millions


of people around the world have started blogging, most of them unsuccessful but there are still tons of people who have been successful in making money through blogging. Some bloggers have earned millions of dollars already and we’re only getting into the beginning of blogging which is the scary part. If you want to earn money online then you should take up blogging immediately, it’s not difficult at all and you can earn tons of sustainable income. Blogging is simply writing about a topic you have interests or expertise in and can write on it daily. Typically you need to write daily so the topic should be broad enough to write content on it for years, but then again not to broad that it doesn’t fit into a niche market. With millions of blogs on the internet you need to make sure you niche your blog enough that it fits into a niche market and not a general market. There are already enough authority blogs in the general market and if you plan on making money


then you’ll need to do something better then anyone else has done to date. Now with millions of dollars being spent on blogging by some companies you can expect that some niches aren’t going to make you any money at all because they’ve already been owned by a big company. You should look for something you have expertise in and that fits into a niche, meaning if you like sports don’t make a general sports blog because it won’t make any serious money for you. Instead choose the sport you like the most and then become an authority for that sport, or better yet narrow it down to your favourite sports team and keep the world updated on how they do. If you can narrow your blog range down like we have just down above with sports then you’ll have a much better chance of making money through blogging. Once you have your topic you should then get the domain and hosting to set-up your blog and then begin setting it up. There isn’t much to do in set-up except for choosing plug-ins and a theme basically. Once you have done your set-up process and are happy with the looks of your blog then you should begin posting once a day. If you’ve narrowed your blog down for instance to the Toronto Blue Jays then you’d write a game recap on the days they play and on the days they don’t you’d write about a player or something going on with the team. It’s simple to think up topics for a niche such as your favourite sports team and you shouldn’t face problem with the content as it’s the least of your worries. Once you’ve been adding content for about a month and traffic is starting to become steady then you can start implementing the techniques to earn money. The first thing you should do is sign-up for

Google Adsense

and then implement some of there ads onto your blog. They pay on a cost-per-click basis which means you get paid generally $.XX amount per click. Depending on your blogs topic you might get paid as little as $.0X per click or as much as $XX.XX per click, this number is strictly based on the topic of your blog. For instance a celebrity blog receives low amount per click but a lot of people click the ads whereas a medical blog will receive higher amount per click but a lot less amount of clicks generally. You should focus more on what you expertise in though and less on the amount per click, because without good content you won’t have traffic, and without traffic you won’t make any money. Once you’ve added your Adsense ads you can begin looking at the other possible monetization methods of your blog. Usually the second step to making money on your blog is to implement some affiliate leads or products. Generally if you write a review for the product and post your affiliate link it can earn some sales for you depending on how targeted your traffic is. You can also sell banners and links on your blogs, either through the sidebar or in your blog posts. If you sell the links in blog posts it’d better for the SEO of your blog because you don’t want many outgoing links on your homepage. You can also join review sites which pay you to write a review on your blog. You can earn quite bit money by adding reviews to your blogs from sites like Payu2Blog. There are literally tons of methods you can utilize to monetize your blog and the more you use the better chance you have of making money. You need to ensure that you don’t overdo the ads and affiliate links though because many visitors are turned off by excessive monetizing. People understand you need to make an income, but when you make it obvious they aren’t usually impressed, so you should try camouflaging your ads into your blog posts. The most important to making money through blogging is through good content and promotion. If you don’t have content that makes people stick around then you don’t stand a chance, but if you take the time to write good content then you’ll stand a good chance. Blogging takes months before it begins earning substantial income and you should make sure you allow your blog time to earn you money before giving up on it. It doesn’t take long to write a post each day and if you can do this then the money will come.

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