How To Make A WordPress Website

How To Make A WordPress Website

There are tons of software programs out there now that will help you; learning how to make a WordPress website is fairly easy and quick. This program is designed to be simple, and it lives up to that.

There are no HTML codes to learn, and no confusing software to use for getting your pages online. WordPress is set up to have hundreds of templates for you to choose from. Once you get the one you like, it may take a couple minutes for it to be on the web. After it is up, you can then go back and customize your site. It’s a simple matter of pasting the information you want into the spots open in your template. There is no confusion about it. You simply put what you want where.

There are other aspects to learning how to make a WordPress website. You can add in pages and posts. You can also create your follow-up sequence. The most important step though, is using the keyword tool. This is not part of the software packages, but it’s a step you should take, and there are free keyword tools out there that you can use. You are going to want to do this before you create the site.

Why keyword? You are going to want to target your website to the best phrase for your niche. Please remember that the most searched word phrase is not always the best. If you do that, chances are you page will end up somewhere at the back of the list. You want to pick something with 5000 searches or less. This allows you to have a better chance for placing on the first page when your phrase is searched through a search engine. You will want to use the same keyword phrase for the home page content of your website, as well as at least one article. This will allow you to tie everything in together and get the traffic you want.

Let’s face it, traffic means nothing if they don’t buy anything. With the targeted keyword phrase you are appealing to people already looking for your type of product, and because of that are more likely to buy something.

After you get the keyword, use it for buying your domain name. You will need this to set up the site. You may also need web hosting, though that depends on whether you are set up as a member where you have unlimited hosting services. Entering in your domain name and pointing to your web hosting server are the first couple steps in learning how to make a WordPress website. You can save yourself some time in actual set up if you get these before you open the program.

Then all you need to do is pick your stuff. Choose a template, review your choices, and create. The last page will give you all your site information including domain name and web hosting information. You would be wise to either save this information or print it out for your records.

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