How to Install WordPress Plugins With Your cPanel

How to Install WordPress Plugins With Your cPanel

Most plugins only require the easy install. However if you have bought a plugin or if you have a special plugin you will need to install it via your cPanel. This is the “”back office”” as set up by your web-host, like Blue Host or Host Gator, and where you probably installed WordPress.

Have you downloaded your WordPress plugin?

First you need to download your WordPress plugin. If you have bought it, they should have sent you a download link. If the plugin is part of a membership site, they have it on their site somewhere.

Has the plugin passed qualifications?

Make certain it is a quality plugin that is not going to cause problems. It could cause problems with WordPress, for your readers or otherwise. Thus you want to check any plugin against a qualification list.

Do you know what your cPanel is?

Once it passes, you will need to log in to your cPanel. When you signed up with your webhost, you should have been given a special page or site on your webhost where you log in. The cPanel is basically your back office, and gives you the site owner access to a variety of different tools.

Where is the File Manager?

Towards the bottom you should see a box that says something like Software and services. Look for “”File Manager,”” this will allow you to upload the plugin with relative ease. Once in the File Manager, make certain you are in public_html.

How do I find my WordPress site?

Next you will need to search for the name of your blog. You may or may not see “”.com”” or anything after the name. If your blog is a sub/directory under a name like you will need to click plus sign for “”example”” then plus sign for “”blog.””

Where will I upload this WordPress Plugin?

Now click plus sign for the file called “”wp-content”” Click the file “”PlugIns”” in that file will be some pre-installed plugins. Go toward the top. Click Upload, browse and upload in the new window.

Is my WordPress plugin installed now?

Go back to your “”File Manager”” page. You may need to refresh, then you should see your plugin name with a box beside it. Click the name to highlight it. Then look for “”Extract”” a box icon. You should see a blue file with the name of your plugin. Log out of your cPanel. Now when you log in to your WordPress account you should be able to find your plugin and activate it.

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