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This tutorial is continued with full written instructions at WordPressVideos.TV In this video, we are going to install WordPress plugins manually to your WordPress blog. To find a list of all the WordPress plugins, go to and click on “Extend,” and then click on “Plugins Directory.” And as you can see here, there are over 4000 WordPress plugins that you can choose from. Now, you can either search for the plugin that you want if you know what you’re looking for, or you can also browse through the popular tags. So for example, if I’m looking for a WordPress plugin to help me get better search engine rankings, then I would probably want to click on the tag that says “Google.” And on this page, you can see all the WordPress plugins that are tagged with the keyword “Google.” So you may find a lot of really interesting plugins here that can either add more functionality to your WordPress blog admin pages or add more functionality to your WordPress blog layout and etc. etc. Make sure you also look at the ratings here to see what other users have to say about their particular plugin and feedback from their experience in how the plugins work. So naturally, of course, if a plugin has much higher rating, it means that it’s gonna be worth your time, and sometimes, plugins that are new or have no rating at all is pretty risky or say, just a waste of time sometimes when you use those plugins. So go for the plugins that have a pretty high rating.

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