How to Get a WordPress Theme With No Linkback Required

How to Get a WordPress Theme With No Linkback Required

When searching for a good WordPress theme to use for your blog or business website, it is wise to get a premium theme that the designer doesn’t require you to link back to his/her site. Linking back means you leave a link in the footer of your site pointing to the template site or its affiliate site from every web page of your site. So, if you have thousands of web pages, your site will give away thousands of backlinks just like that, thus, diluting the link juice your site gets from other sources. Your site will not reap the full benefit of incoming links, because it is sharing it with the template site or its affiliate site.

There are dangers of linking to a site you can’t entirely trust. If the WP template site engages in something illegal or something that is against the guidelines of major search engines, your site will be in danger of being penalized, because your site is linking to it. In the eyes of search engines, backlinks are seen as votes of approval. Are you sure you approve of those sites you link to?

I used such themes for a while when I wasn’t entirely aware of the implications. Then, I woke up! I searched day and night for a perfect blog theme that was search engine-optimized, very customizable without requiring me to tweak some codes and one that is private label (not demanding a linkback). I was dismayed as you are now to find out there was none available.

At that stage I got a professional web designer friend to design an easily customizable WP theme that would be private label, search engine-friendly and packed with all the best bug-free WordPress plugins necessary to operate a blog successfully. My friend went to work and after just two weeks, a new blogging theme emerged that saved me from linking back to the template site.

Look for a cute WordPress theme that incorporates all the necessary tags needed to optimize sites for search engines, color changing function, optimal advertising placement, no linkback required from users, the flexibility to install it on multiple domains, amongst other things. This is the type of WP theme I strongly suggest you get, because you deserve it!

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