How to Find the Best WordPress Themes Using Search Engines and a Little Bit of Intuition

How to Find the Best WordPress Themes Using Search Engines and a Little Bit of Intuition

Finding a good WordPress template can often be a bit of a task and a process that can last countless hours as you manoeuvre through all of the less that suitable options. The standard option for most people looking for WordPress themes is to use a search engine or a popular WordPress templates directory such as Woo Theme, Theme Forest or Elegant Themes. However, there are countless other ways to find WordPress themes and there are even a few under-utilised ways you can utilise to find premium WordPress themes for free.

The easiest way to find WordPress themes is to use a major search engines such as Google and perform a relevant query like “”best WordPress themes””. However, this will typically bring back endless lists of themes from blogger’s whose sole intention it is to profit from the referral commission they generate. A better option is to perform a quick query around your main target term and look at the returned results by opening them up in your browser. Once you have opened them up try appending the term “”wp-admin”” to the end of the root URL (this will allow you to identify whether or not the site is using WordPress).

Then, if the site does use WordPress, look in the source code of the site by going to the view menu and selecting source. Scroll down to the stylesheet tag and look at the filename – this will usually include the name of the particular theme the website is using. Perform a search around the name of the theme and there you have it, an attractive WordPress theme that is suitable to your particular niche or sector.

Another useful way to find potential WordPress template is to be more specific with your web queries – for example, if you are looking to build a technology magazine website then try searching for something like “”Technology Magazine WordPress Theme””. This will bring back more relevant results and results that are likely to be more suitable in terms of how you want your site to look.

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