How to Engage your Blog Readers

How to Engage your Blog Readers If you have a flagship blog and you’re trying to build an audience of regular readers then you’ll need to be able to engage your blog readers. If you don’t engage your blog readers then they’ll never come back to your blog or join your RSS subscriber feed. There are different techniques that you can use to assist you in engaging your blog readers and we’re going to look at some of those methods. Engaging your blog readers has nothing to do with marketing or promoting your blog. It also doesn’t involve anything to do with link building or anything of this nature. To engage your blog readers it needs to be on-site improvements that you make and we’ll take a look at those now. Blog Post Titles You should make titles that aren’t just stuffed for the search engines as this isn’t very ideal for building a reader base. You need to build nice long detailed titles so that the readers knows exactly what you’re offering within that certain post, and then they can click it if they want to read about it. Your titles should also have some personality in them and not just some generic plain title lacking any personality. Blog Post Body The blog post itself should be broken down into smaller bits of information and the best way to do this is either with bullet points or sub-titles. This way it’s much easier to follow down the page and more readers will be inclined to read the information. You want people to find the information useful and they won’t be able to do that if they don’t even read the information you post about. Use a Picture Try breaking up the text up a little bit by implementing a picture into your blog posts. Try to also add your personality into the pictures you choose so that people can begin to adapt to who you are. To build a blog readership you need to show personality and become active within your blog community. Some blogs may also require more pictures in the blog posts, for instance the celebrity niche should have small galleries under each post as the best blogs do. WordPress Theme You should buy a wordpress theme that is customized for your blog as then you’ll stand out from the other bloggers and it will seem like you care about your blog. A nicely designed theme can attract many readers to stick around to see what information you offer. WordPress themes are very cheap as well so you won’t need to break the bank when buying a theme. These are some of the techniques you can use too engage your blog readers and have them coming back to your blog more then once. If you can build a readership then as long as you continue posting engaging and informational posts then the readers will stick around and you’ll grow further. This is the most profitable blog you could develop, but it also takes the most amounts of work and time to do.


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