How To Earn An Income With Adsense

Many people earn an amazing income just by having Google Adsense ads on their websites. By having Google Adsense ads on your site, you will earn commission every time that someone clicks on those ads.

The more sites you have with Adsense ads, the more income you can earn.

But where do you start?

Firstly, you will need to choose your niche – or topic – for your Adsense website.

If you are new to creating websites, then it may be a good idea to create a website about a topic that you have good knowledge about or experience with. It is much easier to write about something that you know about so by creating a website on a topic you know, you will find it easy to create lots of good content based on your knowledge.

Your homepage will be the introduction to the topic. That page will have links to other pages containing more specific information about the topic. Each page on your website will be sub categories to the main topic. For example if you have a website about gardening, your homepage will be your introduction page talking about gardening in general. Then your other pages could be separated for different types of plants, trees or landscapes, giving more detailed information about these different aspects of gardening.

You don’t need to have a fancy website, often something plain is better.

Once you have all your ideas for your website and have perhaps typed up a few pages of content for your site, you will need to get a domain name and some web hosting. Look around to get a good deal on hosting. If you intend to make more than one Adsense website then look for a deal that gives you unlimited domain hosting.

If you don’t have enough information from your own knowledge then you will need to do some research on your topic. You can do your research on the internet, and also through books or magazines or visit your local library.

To encourage your visitors to return to your site, make sure you offer them good content. If your content isn’t very good, then not too many will come back to your site. Good, unique content will keep your visitors coming back and remember; each time they come back there is a good chance they will click on your ads.

You also want your Adsense ads to match the content on your site, so having a lot of good content will ensure that the ads placed on your site will match your topic.

The search engines will also like your site better if you have good, quality and unique content on your site. You want to make the search engines happy, so they will reward you with a good page ranking. The higher your page ranking in the search engines, the more visitors you will get to your website.

Display your content well so it is easy on the eyes and easy to read. Try to use good colors on your pages, colors that are easy on the eyes. Often dark backgrounds such as black or navy blue can be quite hard to read and turn away visitors very quickly.

You may also want to choose colors that could benefit the niche of your website, such as green color scheme for a gardening website, or blue for a beach themed website.

When you have your content set up on your website and are happy with how it looks, then you can ad your Adsense ads. Once you have added your Adsense ads, then upload your site to your server and start promoting your site.

You want to promote your site like crazy to receive as many visitors as possible to click on your ads.

If you don’t see enough income coming in from your ads spend a bit of time tweaking your ads until you get them just right. Also keep on working at building up traffic to your website, the more traffic, and the more clicks you will get on your ads.

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