How to become a webmaster? (Part – 6)

As promised in the last part of our “how to become a webmaster” series, in this part, we’ll be telling you more about signatures and how to utilize it the the best way.

For every post that you make in the webmaster forum, you’ll be able to show a maximum of four links using your signature space. If you want to promote just single site, then you can make the title longer. Otherwise you’ll have to use shorter titles for each of the links. That’s because there is a limit in the number of characters that can be placed in the signature space. So use it wisely. But you may, find some other cool forums like netbuilders, which will allow you to put more than four links.

Now lets learn how to make some easy money online by selling signature links. The earnings from selling signatures will depend on the number of posts that you have made. The more your posts in the forum, the more will be your earnings out of selling signature links. Thinking that you’ll be getting more money, don’t go and spam the forum, you’ll be noted by the moderators of the forum if you attempt to do so and within few minutes, your account will be banned permanently.

The current market price for a single link spot is $5 if the member has made about 1000 posts in the forum. And if you are selling all the four, then with that much number of posts, you’ll be making around $20 per month. But remember your primary aim should not be to make money by selling signature links. Your aim should be to learn the basics of becoming a webmaster. During your journey in becoming a successful webmaster you’ll have automatically made some decent number of posts. Remember that there are different rules in different webmaster forums regarding what to post, how to post, and where to post. So, before you attempt posting, read the rules and regulations of the forum carefully. One of the webmaster forums which is with easy rules that can be followed by anyone is – just create an account there and feel the difference. Also, they don’t ban members for no reasons like some other forums. But, if you do spamming, then they will do it surely.

We hope that, now you have learned something about webmasters and webmaster forums. Now you might be thinking that your journey in becoming a webmaster would be easy. Right? Hey, it’s not that easy. We’ll tell you why it’s so, – through the coming episodes of the “how to become a webmaster” series.

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