How to become a webmaster? (Part – 5)

Now that you have learned about user control panel, let’s learn how we can make some money while we are learning the basics of becoming a webmaster, asking doubts in the forum with other members out there. Yup, even while you ask your doubts with the fellow webmasters out there, you’ll be making money. Making money online should not be the only aim of registering in a forum. If that’s the case, you’ll end up learning nothing and chances are that, you’ll will be soon banned from the site. And once you get banned from a webmaster forum, then never ever you’ll be able to create an account there. Having said that, if you are ready to follow things the right way, lets start.

In your user control panel, you’ll see an option to update signature. But what is a signature and what’s its use? When you post something, you can include your signature also along with it. This way, for every post that you make, you’ll be able to show your signature as well. How can that do any benefit to you. If you use your signature space the right way, you’ll see some money coming because of it. You can put website links in the signature space. It should not be simply the links themselves. You should write a catchy title and then you should hyperlink it. For example, if you are having a site that sells toys, you can write the title as “buy toys online”, and then you can hyperlink the title with your site’s url. This way, whenever you post a reply or start a thread, you’ll be promoting your website. People will see your link title, and if interested, they’ll visit it. Isn’t it the easiest way to promote your site?

On the other hand, if you don’t have any sites with you, then also you’ll be benefiting from it. There are members in webmaster forums that buy signature spots. The maximum number of links that can be placed in your signature space is four. So, you’ll be able to sell four link spots in your signature space.

More about signatures and making money selling signatures in the next part of our “how to become a webmaster” series.

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