How to become a webmaster? (Part – 4)

This is the fourth part of the “how to become a webmaster” series. Okay, you have already learned what a webmaster forum is and who are the people who visit a webmaster forum. You have also learned about creating a user account in a webmaster forum. Now its time for you to familiarize the various features that are available in a webmaster forum.

There are different webmaster forums. In the same manner, there are different forum softwares as well. So, the features available in two different forums can be different. But it’s a fact that, most of the top webmaster forums like DP, NP, SP, Netbuilders etc are using the V-bulletin forum software. It’s one of the best forum software that has a lot of features in it. Okay, leave the v-bulletin thing. That’s not important for us. We are here to talk about the features in a webmaster forum. Our talks will be based on the v-bulletin forum software since most of the webmaster forums are using v-bulletin. Okay, so here we start.

After creating an account, the first thing you should be doing is to update your profile. Profile is something which others will view in order to know more about you. In the profile you can include your email address, your instant messenger ids, your website url etc. You can also mention about what you do, what are your hobbies, interests etc. For accessing the profile you should enter the user control panel. In most of the webmaster forums, it’ll be something like “user cp”. After clicking which you’ll be taken to the user control panel. Then on the left side, you’ll see an option to update your profile. You should be clicking there in order to update your profile as mentioned above.

From the user control panel you can change the password of your account as well. Once you get into the user control panel, you’ll learn everything. There is nothing much to worry, you’ll be given information regarding how to do these things ni the site itself. Just click on the various links and give whatever information you are planning to give about yourself.

Now that you have got an idea about user cp or user control panel in a webmaster forum, lets get into some more complicated things. In the next section we’ll be teaching you one of the easiest way to make money online without you even knowing about it. So stay tuned for part 5 of the “how to become a webmaster” series.

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