How Bloggers Could Make Thousands A Month

How Bloggers Could Make Thousands A Month

There are a ton methods that bloggers can use to make money on there blog but some are less known then others and often bloggers don’t use some of the most profitable and effective methods of monetization. A lot of bloggers use affiliate networks, me included but the fact is there is also another method to make more money. If you’re wondering what that method is, it’s simply to either make your own products or to buy products with master resale rights or private label rights. Make sure they come with the rights listed above so that you have the complete documentation to be able to sell the products or else you could run into legal troubles for illegally selling a product you’re not aloud to. Believe me when I tell you this it’s definitely something you don’t want to get into because it’s a battle you’ll lose nine times out of time and many product owners will go through the troubles of suing you.

Once you buy some products with master resale rights you can then create a review for it and make a new page on your blog selling the product. You now will be able to retain 100% of the money that you sell the product for instead of only receiving a commission like you do from affiliates. This is a method often overlooked by your average webmaster and it’s why lots of A list bloggers are making such good money. If you notice most of the products they promote are either their own products or products they retain full profit from because of owning rights to sell it. There is still money in affiliate networks and I don’t recommend selling your own products until you’ve got an established blog, but once you do and you have your marketing techniques down to a science then promoting your own products is amazingly beneficial.

There are also benefits of selling your own product or a product with master resale rights over selling affiliate products. The main benefit would obviously be that you keep all the profit and you don’t give any of it to anyone. Apart from that though there are still so other benefits like the fact you can set whatever price you choose for the products and also how you promote them. Many affiliate products have huge sets of terms and conditions which usually save their butt, when you sell your own product then you make the rules of how everything goes and you simply do as you please.

Selling your own products or products you’ve bought rights to is definitely the best way to earn a full-time income on the internet. One product can make sales for years down the road without doing anything except a bit of promotion in the early stages. There are lots of products on the internet that you can buy rights to as well you just need to make sure that you buy the right products that will sell. There is no point in buying products that are ten years old because the information will be outdated and you’ll have trouble making any sales.

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