Highest Paying Niches to Work in

Highest Paying Niches to Work in

There are thousands upon thousands of niches you can work in and some of them are obviously more competitive then others which are why choosing your niche is important. Another important reason of choosing a good niche is that some niches just don’t have the potential too make money like some of the other niches out there. Today we’re going to look at some of the highest paying niches and how you can make money in those niches by blogging.


The health niche is one of the most competitive niches on the internet and companies spend millions on promoting there websites on the internet in this niche. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to make some money in this niche though including pay-per-click ads, private ads and affiliate sales. You can make upwards of $1 per click on Adsense in this niche which is incredible as most niches pay $.10 or less per click. There is also a magnitude of products to sell in this niche and they usually range in the $100+ price range which allows room for high commission payments. If you can manage to build traffic in this niche then you stand an excellent chance at making some serious money in the health niche.


With the world’s economy lowering on a daily basis right now there is no better time to get into the financial market online. The competition is very stiff in this market and gaining a market share is nearly impossible, but in a billion dollar industry if you get a fraction of a percent of the market share then you’d be laughing. Commissions are amongst the highest out there in this niche as well as you can make money from credit card applications, payday loan applications and much more.


If you want to leave the mainstream industry and move into the adult industry then there is tons of money to be made. You can make blogs very quickly in this niche and content isn’t as important as the mainstream niches. You can get away with small blog posts and still make a nice income if you build links and traffic to your blog. Sponsors pay up to $100 per paying customer or you could also take a lifetime percentage per customer although $100 per person is usually more profitable and you get it at one time.

These three niches in my opinion offer the most opportunity for making a full-time income and if you can draw in the traffic then they’ll spend money. It’s proven that these three niches are amongst the top for people spending money in, which means that if you can achieve traffic you’ll usually make money. It needs to be targeted qualified traffic in order to make money, but if you want the best chance of succeeding online and don’t know where to start then I recommend starting with one of these niches. They are very competitive, but a lot of niches these days are so you need to find out how to better then your competitors.

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