Help With WordPress

Help With WordPress

Depending on the type of help with WordPress you’re looking for, there are many different options. Let’s take a look at the various options, based on the situation.

If you’re having specific problems with plugins, templates or errors with your WordPress installation itself, then the first stop should be the forums at Hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of other users are constantly posting and sharing tips, helping each other solve similar problems.

Searching the forums can sometimes be a daunting task, but there are some ways of doing a more effective search. If you’re experiencing trouble with a plugin, try going to the plugin directory FIRST, then look for a link in the sidebar (under the big download button) called “”Forum posts”” — clicking this will take you directly to a list of posts regarding that plugin. Do this
before trying a general search on the Forums homepage. The reason is that doing a search there will give you results from ALL of the forums which can be very distracting as you will have to sort through a lot of posts that don’t match your issue.

The same procedure can also be done when looking at a template listing inside the template directory. It’s a much faster way of finding the help you need. Sometimes template developers have their own sites with forums for troubleshooting issues with their themes, so try looking in Appearances > Themes for a link to the developer’s site for help. This is usually the best approach so that you don’t have to wade through forum posts that don’t match your topic exactly.

Additionally, when making a post in the forums (only after you can’t find someone else with the same problem) make sure you write an appropriate tag such as the plugin or template name, or the specific section inside the WordPress administration. This can make a big difference whether or not other users find your post or not.

In addition to searching at for solutions, you can also find help with WordPress in the form of tutorials on sites like YouTube or These sites are full of video and text tutorials that can train you on virtually every aspect of using the WordPress CMS. Chances are someone has written a tutorial on the exact topic you’re looking for, so search those sites and you’ll become a WordPress pro in no time!

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