´╗┐Getting traffic to your sites

If you have decided to create some websites and make some money out of it, then you should make sure that you’ll be spending at least 5 hours daily for your sites. These things can’t be done by spending an hour or two a week in an internet cafe. It would be great, if you are with a laptop and a dedicated internet connection.

After you create websites, you should be pouring in traffic to those sites. Simply spamming here and there wont do any good. For that, you should go on with things the natural way. Yup, I mean it. You should be creating an identity for yourself online. You should make others contact you for help or for any other kinda stuffs. What I wanted to say is that – you should be active in online communities.

Being active in online communities means to respond to discussions that are discussed over those places. It’ll benefit you in many ways. This way, you’ll be better known by others – not just that, your skills will also be known by others. This way, you can get some potential clients if you are good at doing some kind of services online – like article writing, logo designing, programming etc. But, our primary aim should be to drive traffic to our sites.

Almost all online communities allow to put a link to our websites in our profile page which we’ll be getting after registering an account there. And some sites will even allow you to start blogs there. And being an active member out there, your blog will be visited by many. Take this as an opportunity to drive traffic to your sites. I hope you guys will be knowing how to deal with things from then on. If you are able to follow things till this stage, then the next stage is something that you’ll be able to do pretty easily without anyone’s help. So go for it – you’ll surely be succeeding if you have followed what we have explained here.


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