Getting traffic to your site

Getting traffic is not something impossible. If you have time to spend online for your sites, then you’ll be getting traffic free of charge. First of all, you should make the habit of reading blogs regularly. This will make you comment on posts. This in turn, will give backlinks and traffic to your sites. This is just one of the many ways to get free traffic to your sites.

I know you’ll be having a lot of other methods in your minds. But don’t go for spamming – it’s not good in the long run – it can even create a bad impression on your sites as well. Why should you be doing all those spamming works, if you can get traffic easily, the natural way. Online communities can bring in a lot of traffic to your sites. People have a natural tendency to visit others sites. And this is something which we should make use of. You should be staying active in various online communities helping others and interacting with others. You won’t be feeling as if you are doing these things for driving traffic to your site. But it’ll be easy and fun for you.

After you create a good reputation over online communities, then slowly you can start to promote your sites. Again, don’t go for spamming online communities. Why can’t you do things the right way? There will be places to enter your website urls – enter at just those places! Yeah, doing just that, won’t bring you decent traffic – you should find some other ways as well. If you have accounts in forums, then you would have come across signatures and other such stuffs. Promote your website links using the signature spots.

You can try orkut, facebook, myspace and other such online communities as well. Once you join these sites, you’ll surely be meeting people like you – who have registered there with the primary aim of promoting their sites. After staying active at these sites for a week or two, you’ll start learning their tricks and tips without they even telling you. So, don’t bother to ask them personally, you’ll come to know about them automatically. Just wait and see.

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