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Getting backlinks the easy way

One of the easiest and most natural way to get backlinks is by article marketing. It includes submitting articles in article directories, and also writing and publishing content on different blogs. One of the best article directory at the moment is – you can submit articles there and also get a backlink from the site to yours. It is a high authority site, and so, even an inner page will be of great value when it comes to deciding the quality of a backlink.

The advantage of submitting articles to ezinearticles is that you’ll be getting traffic, and also quality backlinks. Yup, you heard it right. The articles in ezinearticles are published in a lot of sites. When people publish these articles in their site, they’ll be including the link that is at the bottom of the article as well. And this link would be to your site if the article that they are publishing in their site is something you have already published in ezine. The number of people who copy your article may vary depending on the quality of the article. So, if you want a lot of people to copy your article, then you should be publishing quality articles. This way, you are getting more than one backlink. In your article at ezinearticles you’ll be able to put a maximum of 2-3 links at the end of the article. And when these are copied by others, then the number of backlinks will multiply to a big number!

This way, you are getting not only backlinks, but also traffic to your sites. The number of backlinks that you’ll be getting will depend on the quality of articles that you are publishing in the article directory. If you just don’t care about the quality of the article, then you can use some article re-writing software and then rewrite an article to many and then post to many article directories. This way, the number of backlinks can be increased pretty easily. But the quality of a software re-written article won’t be that good as a manually written unique article. So, think what’s better for you, and go for it.

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