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Free Marketing With Joint Ventures

Nothing in life is free, right? Wrong. Of course there are always sacrifices or debts that need to be paid to get what you want for free, but you can get free things. Now you must be wondering how something can be free if you have to pay for it, but what you are not thinking about is what you really do not have.

If you go and make a sale a day and gain $100 per sale, you are making $100 a day. You pay no expenses so at the end of the day, your profits are $100. If this is guaranteed, and you know you cannot make more, then that is fine. But what if you enter into a joint venture agreement with two other marketers who can only make a sale a day as well. You agree to pay them 40% on each sale so they will be making $40 a day. You still make your regular one sale a day at $100, but now you have expenses to pay: your joint venture partners. The two have made one sale apiece and as per your agreement are owed $40 apiece, making your expenses for the day $80. So now you are wondering where the free part comes in, right? Well sure, you could pay them the $80 from the sale you made that day, but why not keep what already was profit as profit? Pay them from the sales that they made instead. Now that you have done that, you still have the $100 you made and would have made anyways without your joint venture partners, but you now have an additional $60 per sale that they made: $120. This is money that you would not have had without the joint venture agreement. Essentially, this is free money.

What about how the sales are made? In order for your joint venture affiliates to make a sale, they have to first market the product to potential clients, right? And what does this do for you? Generates not only free marketing, but free traffic! You do not even have to pay extra for this as this is something that is just inherent in a joint venture agreement such as this! The best part of that is that if the sale does not convert right away, you have the potential of gaining a sale on your own off the efforts of your joint venture partners.

Obviously the business model is not as simple as represented here, but it could be for some. Joint ventures not only bring in free marketing, free money, and free leads, they give you more free time! Who else would not love to not have to come straight home from work and get online to generate leads for their product? It would be great to have someone doing the work for you. The added benefit that joint venture partner has over a regular employee is that you only have to pay a productive partner whereas an employee you would have to pay no matter how productive he is or is not! It is a winning understanding for all involved. Your partners get paid for their efforts, you get paid for doing nothing, and your product gets into the hands of clients that really needed it.

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