´╗┐Flipping websites

Flipping websites is something any noob can do. But before you start you should be taking a pledge that – you’ll be selling your site – if you are getting profit. That should be the only aim of yours from now on – if you are thinking of flipping websites. From now on, don’t create sites for keeping it with you – you should create sites planning to sell them for the best price. The better the site and the domain name, the better will be the profit that you’ll be seeing from them. There is no need of keeping sites for long. But it will have advantage when selling – if the site is with traffic. But there is no use of getting traffic and all, if your aim is to flip sites.

I’m not completely against – getting traffic to sites before flipping it. But you should do these things on a rapid manner. Your aim should be to create more and more sites. This way, you’ll see money coming in your pockets pretty fast. And using this money, you can make these things done by others. Yes, you can hire professionals who are experienced in making sites. You can hire separate professionals for writing content, designing the pages, driving traffic etc. And when you do things this way, you’ll be able to create more sites per month or even per week.

Again, as a website flipper, never create sites to keep it with you. Create sites to sell off for profits. If you register good domain names, then the profit that you’ll be making after selling the sites would be much higher. Some buyers give more preference over the domain name rather than the content or design of the site. So, keep these things in mind. If you start flipping sites, you’ll surely be making some easy money online. And one more thing, don’t start hiring workers now, do that only after you make some money by flipping your first 10-20 sites. By then you’ll be having money to hire them and pay what they ask. Don’t hire cheap workers – hire those that are qualified to do those works. Again, don’t spend any money out of your pockets. First of all, earn some money by working on your own. Then using the profit that you got, hire workers and earn more.


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