Five Blog Writing Tips Anyone can Implement

Five Blog Writing Tips Anyone can Implement

There are plenty of us out there who are blogging and looking to become the next authority blog, but to do that it’s going to take a lot work. One of the most important aspects of your blog is the content, and without useful content you won’t make it very far in the blogging world. You’ll need to be able to offer people that noone else can offer them and you can’t become like most bloggers and regurgitate information that is found everywhere else. I want to spend some time looking at some tips you can implement into your writing so you can assist your blog in becoming successful.

Unique Content

As a blogger one of the worst things you can do is steal content from somewhere else and claim that it’s yours. Not only is this wrong in so many ways, but chances are your readers will catch on eventually and you’ll be stuck with a blog that has no traffic and no resale value. You need to make your blog your own by writing the content yourself so that you can interact with your readers. To gather loyal blog readers the only way to go is by offering unique content that is new and useful as well as interacting with your audience.

Know Your Niche

I’ve seen hundreds of bloggers in hundreds of niches that don’t know what a niche is. If you create a blog to write about airplanes then you shouldn’t ever be posting about recent celebrity news in your blog. Your visitors found your blog because they want airplane information and not celebrity information so make sure you know your niche. It’s important to not only know your niche, but you need to know what you’re talking about. The worst thing possible for a blogger is when your readers start correcting your information because it’s wrong. Take the time to write one good post each day and if you have to spend time researching the topic so that you don’t look stupid in front of your readers.

Keep Readers in Mind

The blog that you’ve created has probably been created so that you can eventually make some money off of it. Before you can make any money off of your blog though, you need a loyal readership that trusts you. In order to gain a loyal readership you’ll need to offer content everyday on topics your readers want to read about. You need to consider the different ways your readers have found your blog and then write content on those topics that are popular. It’s important to write what the readers want to read and not what you want on your blog if you want to have a loyal readership.

Reply to Comments

When someone takes the time out of there day to make a meaningful comment on your blog then you should spend the time to reply to the message. It doesn’t take long to reply to a couple comments everyday and if you do reply then you’ll be showing you care about your readers. A lot of people who make comments will come back to see if it’s been answered so make sure you stay on top of your comments in moderation.

Work with Competitors

Once you’ve established who your competition is you need to become friends with them and share resources. There is plenty of competition out there so by teaming up with a few other bloggers in your niche you’ll have a slight advantage over some of the other bloggers. It’s important to gain relevant backlinks so by swapping links in blog posts will other bloggers in your niche is important. You should also become an active reader and commenter on your competitions blogs as you’ll gain backlinks from your comments.

Writing is a huge part of blogging and if you think you’ll be able to get away without writing much content then you have another thing coming. Blogging is all about being able to offer readers useful content to read on a daily basis, so before you commit to blogging make sure you’re ready to write lots of content. All of these tips can be implemented immediately as long as you have the time, but if you don’t have the time for this then I recommend leaving blogging along and stick with static websites.

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