Dress For Success To Work Online

Have you ever seen this slogan while looking for making money online?

“Would You Like To Work In Your Pyjamas”

This is one I’ve seen quite regularly with people promoting online business programs. ‘Join our program and you too can work in your pyjamas’ or similar statements.

The whole point being that you can work from home and wear whatever you want, even your pyjamas if that is what you want to do. You can sleep in and get out of bed at whatever time you wish as you don’t have a boss that requires you to start at a particular time. You can get out of bed and turn your computer straight on while still in your PJs.

This is the dream of many and the reality of many.

But how many of them actually do work all day in their pyjamas?

When first starting out online it can be very easy to stay in your pyjamas for half the day or even the whole day while you lose track of time. You may stay in your pyjamas all day just because you can. That’s the beauty of working from home after all; you can work in your pyjamas.

However, I’m a big believer in dressing for success. I believe that dressing in your pyjamas or even in your old daggy tracksuit can make you too relaxed and not put you in the right frame of mind to work well.

Your mind set and the way you think can play a huge part on how successful you are. This is true with online work or with anything in life.

So if you are to dress in your pyjamas, you are in a very relaxed mind set.

If you are dressed in a business suit or even just some nice casual clothes, but clothes suited more for going to work, you will be in the mind set of working.

If you look at photos of any online gurus or entrepreneurs, you won’t find any in their pyjamas. They will be wearing either business suits or nice casual clothes for their photos on their sales pages. This is because it looks professional.

Are you more likely to purchase a product if there is a picture of the product owner in a business suit, or a picture in his pyjamas?

The business suit is more professional and gives your customers the impression that you are a professional person and possibly an expert in your field.

I believe that by dressing this way when you are working from home will also make a big difference in the way you think, and therefore in the quality of work you produce and will more than likely make you more successful than if you are too relaxed in the way you dress each day while you work.

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