Do you want to be an Internet Marketer?

An Internet Marketer is one who creates websites and sells products online. For that, it is not necessary to create our own products. We can sell products that are made by others as well. But what’s in it for them? Actually we’ll be just driving sales to the sales page of the product – and if anyone orders the product from there, we’ll be getting commission that would have already been mentioned in the merchants website.

So, what we’ll be doing is that – we’ll be finding quality products that would be easy to sell without much efforts. There are millions of products our there. From those products, select the ones which you think – would be worth the time and efforts that we’ll be putting on it. Before you plan to promote a product, make sure you’ll be getting good commissions after the sales. Also, make sure that the payment will be guaranteed or not. There are a lot of affiliate sites – like CJ, clickbank etc-these are sites, where you will find some great products to promote in your sites.

The benefit of promoting products found in sites like CJ and others is that – we’ll be surely getting paid if we make a sale. That’s because we are not dealing directly with clients. We are dealing with these big companies and hence we can be assured that we’ll be getting payment at the end of the month.

But the main thing is to drive sales. And for that you should be having some kind of platform. Creating a website is the best option in front of you. It won’t take much time – you can even create a WP blog and then start promoting the products. After the site is ready, you should select products to promote in the sites. Create a lot of sites and each should be for promoting a different kind of product. In the site, you should be reviewing it as if you have already bought the product and satisfied with it. At the end of the review you can put a link which will be allowing others to go and buy the product from the authors site.


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