Custom WordPress Themes Design and Training is a Custom WordPress theme and design specialist with a range of service packages for the WordPress marketplace. Aimed at providing low-cost solutions for WordPress users wanting to build or enhance their own websites, the company offers a wide portfolio of services including Custom WordPress installation, configuration and website hosting, along with theme, template and blog design. Ongoing content management and website maintenance is also available. For those needing a consultancy service or wishing to build their own WordPress sites, MyCustomWordPress provides guidance and one-to-one training on the optimum ways to customize WordPress templates, themes and site design. A key aspect of the overall service includes providing advice to clients regarding the best Custom WordPress themes that are currently available in the marketplace to suit the needs of specific business, educational and personal websites. Wherever possible free WordPress themes are used to ensure costs are minimized. Said Susan Hope, founder of, ‘Since the beginning of 2008, we found the demand for Custom WordPress websites has increased dramatically. Mostly, this has been due to the recession and to people wanting to create their own customized websites as a means of building an online income or to help publicize their offline “brick and mortar” businesses. Susan continued, ‘WordPress is probably the most popular way of building your own blog or website

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