Creating Unique Valuable Content Is the Only Way to Blog

Creating Unique Valuable Content Is the Only Way to Blog

There are now so many blogs in the blogosphere and more created each day that if you think you can take any shortcuts to creating a successful blog you’re crazy. Blogging is now mainstream and everyone who is anyone has at least one blog if not many blogs. Some people and businesses even have teams of writers who write for a network of blogs. These blogs are typically the authority blogs in the niche and they make all there money through private ad sales to businesses. Now the key to the success of these blog networks though is that they have teams of writers who write real content that is useful to the readers. This ensures that the people reading the blogs come back and then before you know it they have a huge source of traffic. It’s really hard to do this unless you have a team organizing it all and lots of investment money for the initial start-up of the network. You can however take a piece of a smaller niche and write content for it that is useful and educational. People like reading things that offer some value to them and not something that they’ve heard thousands of times before.

A lot of webmasters I see lately are trying to use anything automated that they can to make their work easier, but what they find is there work is ruined. If search engines detect any type of automated promotion of a website then they’ll remove it from their index without warning and it can be difficult to get back into the index. There are programs being advertised for everything from automated article distributors to automated social bookmarking tools but they all could cost you your site.

There has also recently been an influx in programs that supposedly create unique content from an article, these are known as rewriter programs and they spit out nothing but garbage. Anyone who uses these to create content for their blog is never going to have a blog that is worth any money and you definitely won’t have any return visitors. Then there are the RSS feed autoblogs that are being created every second of every day right now and they are simply useless. They don’t offer anything to the readers as its just copied text from an authority blog. You may get some indexed pages in Google which you can use for backlinks on your other sites at your own risk, but I don’t recommend it because if you do this often search engines will punish your main site for getting links from an autoblogs network.

Having unique content is important to the success of your blog and if you plan on making money from a blog you need good solid unique content that is educational. You don’t ever start making money from blogging until you have return visitors coming to your blog, and once you have this then you can start trying to monetize the traffic. In the first few months though you will make hardly anything and you need to strictly focus on building natural strong backlinks and unique educational content.

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