Common Mistakes Webmasters Make When Building Links

Common Mistakes Webmasters Make When Building Links

Every website owner needs to build links on a regular basis in order to compete with the competition, but many webmasters make severe mistakes when building links. If you make any mistakes when building links then it could cause you a massive headache and also ruin your website. You can’t just go out and get links anywhere you want too, instead you need to focus on building relevant natural links. Let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes webmasters make when building links.

Not Using Proper Anchor Text

The whole point of building links is too increase your search engine rankings in the many search engines, and you want to rank for the keywords people are searching for. Your anchor text when building links should be the keywords that you have been targeting on your website. Use different anchor texts when building links as well, but always make sure that the text is relevant to your keyword strategy.

Building No-Follow Links

No-Follow links are no use too anyone and they are only good if they can bring you lots of traffic from direct clicks. If you want to increase your search engine rankings though then you need to build do-follow links as there the only links that count for anything in the search engines. Don’t waste time building no-follow links and when you do build links spend the time to make sure your links are do-follow.

Building Non-Relevant Links

If you have a website that is about training dogs then you don’t need to get links from piano websites as there not even remotely relevant to your website. The search engines look for relevant links and if you build half the amount of links you do now, but make sure there all relevant then you’ll do a lot better in the rankings of the search engines. If you’re trying to increase your page rank then you’ll want to also build a few high page rank relevant links and that should do the trick.

There are plenty other common mistakes that webmasters make when building links on their website, and you should make sure you don’t fall into any of these. If you do then you need to correct the mistakes immediately as it could be the difference between ruining and saving your website. If you build links in link farms or spammy areas then you’ll need to deal with the risk of having your website de-indexed from the search engines.

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