Check out Twitter

Check out Twitter

Twitter is one of the newer social networking pages out there. It’s free to sign up for and you should never be charged for anything on this site either. With a few different themes available you can make your own unique page, all you need to do is change those background colors to something that you like.

There are a few different ways to search for people on Twitter. You can put in the name of a friend and see if they are already registered on Twitter. Or you can look by pulling up your mailbox contacts. Invite people who you think would love Twitter, and have more followers. That’s what Twitter calls friends by the way!

You can also find people by looking at the tab that has “suggested matches”. These are the people that Twitter thinks you may enjoy following. With these types of choices you may soon be following tons of people, and they may follow you too. Not every one you choose to follow is going to follow you so don’t feel bad if it’s doesn’t happen.

Do you like to blog? Keep a blog on Twitter to keep people up to date on your daily or weekly happenings. Maybe you had something great happen to you and you feel that others on Twitter may enjoy that news put it up and post it. Or you may just like writing poetry; this is another thing that you will be able to post up on Twitter. You never know who might come to your page and see what you’ve written.

Look up a topic that you love, like “Stephen King”. Twitter will pull up others who are also interested in that topic. You can look up anything and see if there might be another who finds what you think is great to be interesting to them too. Follow them, send a message you may create a long term friendship that will last your whole life.

Also you don’t have as many flashy options as some other social networking places; it’s really not that big of a deal. In fact social networking sites are to talk to each other, not to see how many flashes and etcetera that doesn’t have anything to do with much.

Check out possibly one of the hottest social networking sites out there. Come to Twitter and see if you can find some new friends. Write blogs that will make others laugh, or just cry, depending on what you wrote. Twitter is a fantastic way to connect with other people all over the world.

You may check for those friends you lost touch with, they might be on Twitter, a nice way to reconnect with others. Another really excellent thing about Twitter is you go to a person’s page, and you can click on their followers. It’s excellent to see what other people have on their site, and you might be blown away by who you can find on Twitter.

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