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Is Working Online Really For You

What was it that made you start looking online to earn an income? Perhaps you know someone who makes money online or perhaps you saw a story on television of someone successfully making money online. It doesn’t matter what brought you here, what matters now is: Is working online really for you? Where do you start? How to start making money without blowing your budget? Is working online really for you? The first thing you need to look at is your self discipline. To make an income online and be your own boss requires a lot of self discipline. It is very easy to get side tracked when you are working online and very easy to spend more time on your computer than you originally intend. Spending too much time online can affect your family life as well as affect the quality of your work. To be able to work well and achieve good results you need to stay focused and if you overwork you will lose your focus. You need to be self disciplined enough to give yourself tasks and a time limit online and make sure you stick to it. Taking breaks is just as important as spending time online. Taking breaks gives your mind the rest it needs to concentrate fully on your work when come back to work after your break. By not taking breaks you will easily become distracted and not be able to think clearly. Having good self discipline and keeping on track with your goals is very important. If you can do that, then working online can very well be for you. Where do you start? The first thing you will need to do is research. You will need to look into the different ways to make money online and decide which one would best suit you. There are many ways to make money online such as: • Selling on ebay • Selling from your own website • Earning money from Adsense • Writing articles • Writing ebooks • Promoting items for commission as an affiliate • MLM programs And more. You will need to do a little research to find out how some of these work and what will be involved. Find out which one will best suit you and your needs and decide which one you wish to pursue. How to start making money online without blowing your budget? Many of the above ways of earning money online can be started with little or no capital. If selling on ebay is what you would like to do long term, you can start off with no capital by selling items around the house that are no longer needed. Earn a little capital by doing this and then move on to visit some second hand shops or garage sales. You would be amazed at what you can pick up from a garage sale that can sell for much more than you pay for it. The other way to sell on ebay without any start up capital is to dropship. With dropshipping you are selling an item that is stocked with the supplier. You don’t pay the supplier until you have received the money from the customer. Then you pay the supplier and the supplier will ship the item direct to your customer. This is a good way to sell since you don’t need to worry about storing stock and you can do it with no money upfront. Writing articles is another good way to start earning money with no start up capital. There are companies online that will pay you to write articles for them. There are many topics to choose from to write about and you don’t need any cash at all to start. This is a great way to earn money to then invest in other online ventures. Whatever you decide to do online, always make sure you do your research before jumping into anything and especially so before handing over any money.


How To Sell On Ebay

Being an Ebay seller is a great way to earn an income working from home and with the internet becoming more and more popular it has become possible for many people to earn that income online. Ebay is the world’s biggest online auction place and has millions of people all over the world that you can sell to. It is possible to start selling on ebay with little or even no start up cash. You can quite easily start off your Ebay business by selling items from around your home. Most people will have some items around the home that they have no use for anymore and as they say, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Selling items around your home can earn you enough cash to start investing in your business. Once you have made a little money, but not quite enough for any big investments, you can do some shopping at garage sales or second hand shops. You will be amazed at some of the bargains that you can pick up second hand that will sell very well on Ebay. Children’s items sell particularly well and in particular baby goods that are still in good condition and also brand name toys such as Thomas The Tank Engine toys. The other way to start selling on Ebay without any start up cash is to use dropshipping. This is when you sell items on behalf of the supplier. You list the item for sale on Ebay, and once you sell the item and have received payment from your customer, you then place the order with the supplier. You send the supplier their cost price for the item and they will ship the item directly to your customer. So at no stage do you actually handle the products, it will be sent straight to your customer so there is no need for you to have to worry about keeping stocks of items. The main advantage of dropshipping is that you do not need to send the supplier payment until you have received the payment from your customer, so you don’t need any investment capital. The other advantage is that you don’t need to worry about storing stock and possibly even purchasing stock and then being unable to sell it. The disadvantage of dropshipping is that you always need to keep in touch with your supplier to make sure they have good quantities of the products you are selling in stock. You don’t want to list an item only to find out your supplier has none in stock. You also need to keep yourself up to date with your suppliers pricing, otherwise if your supplier increases their prices and you are listing items at the old prices, you will end up making a loss on the product. Whether you prefer to use dropshipping or to purchase your stock up front, always make sure you investigate your supplier well before placing any orders and sending any money. There are many fraudulent wholesalers so always check the credibility of your wholesaler and find out as much information as you can about them. Always send your payments through a secure method of payment that can be traced and returned to you should your supplier turn out to be fraudulent. It can take some time to find a good supplier and it may also pay to join a wholesaler membership site such as salehoo. As a member of a respectable wholesaler site you are much more assured that the suppliers they recommend are legitimate suppliers.


Dress For Success To Work Online

Have you ever seen this slogan while looking for making money online?

“Would You Like To Work In Your Pyjamas”

This is one I’ve seen quite regularly with people promoting online business programs. ‘Join our program and you too can work in your pyjamas’ or similar statements.

The whole point being that you can work from home and wear whatever you want, even your pyjamas if that is what you want to do. You can sleep in and get out of bed at whatever time you wish as you don’t have a boss that requires you to start at a particular time. You can get out of bed and turn your computer straight on while still in your PJs.

This is the dream of many and the reality of many.

But how many of them actually do work all day in their pyjamas?

When first starting out online it can be very easy to stay in your pyjamas for half the day or even the whole day while you lose track of time. You may stay in your pyjamas all day just because you can. That’s the beauty of working from home after all; you can work in your pyjamas.

However, I’m a big believer in dressing for success. I believe that dressing in your pyjamas or even in your old daggy tracksuit can make you too relaxed and not put you in the right frame of mind to work well.

Your mind set and the way you think can play a huge part on how successful you are. This is true with online work or with anything in life.

So if you are to dress in your pyjamas, you are in a very relaxed mind set.

If you are dressed in a business suit or even just some nice casual clothes, but clothes suited more for going to work, you will be in the mind set of working.

If you look at photos of any online gurus or entrepreneurs, you won’t find any in their pyjamas. They will be wearing either business suits or nice casual clothes for their photos on their sales pages. This is because it looks professional.

Are you more likely to purchase a product if there is a picture of the product owner in a business suit, or a picture in his pyjamas?

The business suit is more professional and gives your customers the impression that you are a professional person and possibly an expert in your field.

I believe that by dressing this way when you are working from home will also make a big difference in the way you think, and therefore in the quality of work you produce and will more than likely make you more successful than if you are too relaxed in the way you dress each day while you work.


The Different Types of Ebay Listings

The most popular type of ebay listing is the general ‘auction’, but there are also three other types of listings that can be used.

The four types of ebay listings are:

• Auction
• Buy It Now
• Dutch
• Store

Auction Listing: The auction listing is plain and simple. You have an item to sell so you set the listing up for auctioning a quantity of 1 item.

You may start the auction at the price of your choice and some auctions will allow you to have a reserve price.

Some sellers will start their auctions at the minimum price that they would like to receive for the item and many sellers will even start their auctions as low as .01 cent.

Buyers will then bid on the auction and the winner is the person with the highest bid when the auction finishes.

The buyer will then send you the money for the item and you will then send the item to the buyer.

Buy-it-now Listing: With Buy It Now listings you are leaving nothing to chance. You are asking a specific price that buyers can purchase at. With Buy It Now listings your buyers can purchase the item immediately instead of waiting for the auction to finish.

You can have a quantity of just one or a multiple quantity. This method is very good if you are selling information products as you can sell as many as you like all from the one listings.

When selling a multiple quantity using the Buy It Now listing, it is a good idea to have the items listed over a seven or ten day period. This gives your items longer exposure and will be seen by more potential customers. You will have a longer period and may possibly sell all the quantities advertised over that time.

Dutch auction: I have used this a couple of times and with the right products can actually be very profitable. With the Dutch auction you must start at a minimum price of 99cents, you can have a quantity of 2 or more. The Dutch auction works like this: we’ll have a quantity of 2 as the example, a bid is placed by one bidder say for $2.00 but their highest bid is actually $5.00. With a normal auction it will show $2.00 and when another person bids it will increase until it reaches that persons highest bid of $5.00. With the Dutch auction, when the second person bids it may go up to $2.50 so both of them have bids at $2.50. Every time that someone places a bid both bids increase by that amount. So if a third bidder joins and bids, they will need to bid more than at least one of the other bidders, which will then bring the second bidder up to that amount also. So if the third bidders bids $6.50 and outbids the first bidder whose highest bid was $5.00, both the third and second bidders’ bids move up to $6.50.

I hope that makes a bit of sense, I never read anything about Dutch auctions that made sense to me, it wasn’t until I tried one out that I really worked out what it was all about.

Store Listing: To have an ebay store there is a monthly fee of about $15. If you are selling a lot of items on ebay as a full time job, then it may be worth paying the fee and having an ebay store.

Store listings are at a fixed price similar to the buy it now listing. Store listings are listed for longer periods however, usually over a 30 day period with the option to automatically be relisted at the end of that period if there are still some quantities left for sale.

Store listings are a lot cheaper to list and the final valuation fees are also less than with the other three types of listings.

Store listings get less exposure as they do not show up first during customer’s searches. If you have an ebay store it is a good idea to also have normal buy it now or auction listings, and mention your ebay store in these listings.

These listings will get more exposure and be advertisements for your store stock.

What type of listing you use will depend on what you are selling and the quantities you are selling. Sometimes you may take some time to find out what works best for you.


How To Earn An Income With Adsense

Many people earn an amazing income just by having Google Adsense ads on their websites. By having Google Adsense ads on your site, you will earn commission every time that someone clicks on those ads.

The more sites you have with Adsense ads, the more income you can earn.

But where do you start?

Firstly, you will need to choose your niche – or topic – for your Adsense website.

If you are new to creating websites, then it may be a good idea to create a website about a topic that you have good knowledge about or experience with. It is much easier to write about something that you know about so by creating a website on a topic you know, you will find it easy to create lots of good content based on your knowledge.

Your homepage will be the introduction to the topic. That page will have links to other pages containing more specific information about the topic. Each page on your website will be sub categories to the main topic. For example if you have a website about gardening, your homepage will be your introduction page talking about gardening in general. Then your other pages could be separated for different types of plants, trees or landscapes, giving more detailed information about these different aspects of gardening.

You don’t need to have a fancy website, often something plain is better.

Once you have all your ideas for your website and have perhaps typed up a few pages of content for your site, you will need to get a domain name and some web hosting. Look around to get a good deal on hosting. If you intend to make more than one Adsense website then look for a deal that gives you unlimited domain hosting.

If you don’t have enough information from your own knowledge then you will need to do some research on your topic. You can do your research on the internet, and also through books or magazines or visit your local library.

To encourage your visitors to return to your site, make sure you offer them good content. If your content isn’t very good, then not too many will come back to your site. Good, unique content will keep your visitors coming back and remember; each time they come back there is a good chance they will click on your ads.

You also want your Adsense ads to match the content on your site, so having a lot of good content will ensure that the ads placed on your site will match your topic.

The search engines will also like your site better if you have good, quality and unique content on your site. You want to make the search engines happy, so they will reward you with a good page ranking. The higher your page ranking in the search engines, the more visitors you will get to your website.

Display your content well so it is easy on the eyes and easy to read. Try to use good colors on your pages, colors that are easy on the eyes. Often dark backgrounds such as black or navy blue can be quite hard to read and turn away visitors very quickly.

You may also want to choose colors that could benefit the niche of your website, such as green color scheme for a gardening website, or blue for a beach themed website.

When you have your content set up on your website and are happy with how it looks, then you can ad your Adsense ads. Once you have added your Adsense ads, then upload your site to your server and start promoting your site.

You want to promote your site like crazy to receive as many visitors as possible to click on your ads.

If you don’t see enough income coming in from your ads spend a bit of time tweaking your ads until you get them just right. Also keep on working at building up traffic to your website, the more traffic, and the more clicks you will get on your ads.



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All about a keyword rich domain

A good domain name will get you a good page rank. It’s always a good idea to register domain names with keywords that you are planning to target. For example, if you are selling toys online, then it would be better for you to register

In the above case, When people type in the keyword “buy toys online”, there is a high chance that – your site will be popping out in the first page of search results.

After you register a domain name – in a manner like we have explained above, you can start getting content for the site. Even in the articles that you are gonna publish in your site, keywords are important. Doing so, can get you in the first page of search results in most of the search engines including Google.

Create as many content pages in your site as possible and link between the pages at appropriate places. You may link to the keywords that you are targeting. It would be helping the link juice in your site to flow throughout the entire site.

After creating content pages in your site, you may create some free blogs and write content related to your niche on those sites also. The advantage of doing this is that – in the middle of the articles, you’ll be able to put links to your original site. This can get traffic and also increase the number of backlinks to your original site. When linking to your original site, give hyperlinks to the keywords that you are targeting – and they should point to pages in your original site(the one you’re gonna promote). For example, if you are planning to sell toys, then link to the words “buy toys online” or something like that. And the link should point to pages in your original site.

After that, you may also try some SEO tricks and methods to increase the PR of your newly created site. You can attempt blog commenting, article marketing in sites like ezinearticles, and social submission and social networking as well.

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All about blogging

Blogging can bring in a lot of money in your pockets. But many people don’t succeed in this, since they are impatient. You should be having the patience in you – to wait and see the results. Money may not be coming the very first month of your blogging. Depending on your skills, it will take some time. First of all, you should make a plan of what you are going to achieve. Your target should be something achievable. Its good to dream big, but don’t target big – start targeting things that you would be easily achieving.

You can start with one blog, and then go on increasing the count when you get used to it. Your first blog should be easy for you to update many times a day. And for updating a blog many times a day, you should be an expert in that field. Think a bit – you will be surely an expert in something. Some people blog – even about blogging. That’s because they are experts in blogging. Just like that, there will be some topic about which you would be easily making a lot of posts each day.

As mentioned above it’s important to select a niche about which you would be able to publish many posts per day. After you find such a niche, create a blog about it and start blogging. If you don’t have any funds with you to register and host a domain name, then you can go with a free sub domain under wordpress or blogspot. After a month, you should be with at least 50 posts. But this is not at all mandatory. It’s up to you, to decide the number of posts. But if you are gonna start it the best way, then go for – 50 articles per month. The more, the better. By this time, your site will be indexed in Google. You can promote the site using your own tricks and methods. And once, you have posts in your blog, you can start bringing traffic to it. I hope you know how to do that.

Once you get traffic in your first blog, you can slowly go on increasing the number of blogs that you update daily. The new blogs that you create will also be getting traffic, if you put a link to those blogs from your first blog. And if you are thinking of making some money out of these blogs, then you can start selling ad space, banners and links on your blog. A blog with traffic can make a lot of money. So, that’s it about blogging, if you are serious about making money online through blogging, then go for it.

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All about name suggestion tools

Finding names to register is not an easy task. The process may take days and even months. If you are in such a situation, then you may seek the help of name suggestion tools. You won’t be having to pay any fee for using such services offered by, etc. All you have to do is – just enter the keyword that you are targeting – and the site will give you different combination of words that you wanted to search. They will even tell you whether those names are available for you to register or not.

I normally register many domain names in one go. And finding names for my websites was one of the toughest thing for me in the domain registration process. But it was only until I came to know about name suggestion tools. I use a lot of name suggestion tools. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. All the name suggestion tools that I have came across till now offer their services free of charge. Honestly, these tools have helped me save a lot of my precious time which otherwise I would have wasted for no reason.

These name suggestion tools can sometimes do miracles. Who knows, sometimes they can come up with some real cool names that are available to be registered. These tools have helped me to register domain names that got high page rank from the very first Google update. Some name suggestions sites will help you search for random names which are brandable! Should I tell you anything about a brandable domain name? Hey, take the case of Google – it’s a brandable one. And now it has become a noun – people started using it for the word “search engine”. So, if you want to register a quality domain name then you should be surely trying your luck with a domain name suggestion tool.

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