Can I Build My Blog Links to Quickly

Can I Build My Blog Links to Quickly

Bloggers constantly are working on building links to there blog and you can believe on many webmaster forums there are bloggers discussing whether or not links can be built to quickly on a blog. I tend to believe that as long as you’re building natural links to your blog, then you won’t be penalized and I haven’t seen any evidence to show me that bloggers have been punished for building natural links too quickly. The problem is that some bloggers use unethical techniques or automated software to build links and these are the people that are punished. Any type of link building that looks unnatural to the search engines will usually result in your blog becoming banned from that search engines index. Being banned from Google could ruin the whole blog and you might need to start over again on a new domain if it happens so try to make sure you only use ethical link building techniques.

If you feel the method is dodgy then don’t do it for your blog, instead test it out on another domain you own and see what happens. This is how I find out if many of the services offered around webmaster forums are worth it or not. If it bans a new blog then I don’t really care and its lesson learned for cheap, but if you use the service on your good blog first then if it’s a shifty service you might be in trouble with the search engines.

As long as you follow basic rules then you will be fine when building links. For instance many bloggers are good at writing content and therefore receive a lot of link bait, which results in a ton of backlinks very quickly for the blogger. The search engines don’t punish the blogger for this as it’s a natural form of link building. If you use an automated program to submit your blog to a thousand directories then you might need to be a bit concerned about Google and the other search engines banning your blog.

If you think your site might be banned then check the index of the search engines to see if your blogs pages are still appearing in the search rankings. Also check your stats to see if there is a big dip in the search engine traffic, because this either means you’re in the sandbox or banned. If you’re in the sandbox this could be because your domain is new and therefore you’ll need to wait a few months to regain your search engine rankings. In the meantime you should build more backlinks to your blog though.

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