Boardwalk WordPress Theme – A Fun and Unique Look For Your Blog1

Boardwalk WordPress Theme – A Fun and Unique Look For Your Blog

WPnow are a popular source for WordPress themes, and with the Boardwalk WordPress theme, they certainly do not disappoint. Gaining scrutiny from web masters, WPnow have been known for creating absolutely stunning themes for the blogging platform, however, they are quite heavy on most hosting accounts, loading slowly, and providing an overall unoptimized experience for visitors to blogs sporting their themes.

The Boardwalk WordPress theme still has not improved entirely on previous problems with their loading times, however this can easily be fixed using a super cache plugin. In fact, this is the only situation that I would personally use one of their themes. Having said that though, their themes are stunning, and require very little work with their included admin panel making customization very quick and easy, and regardless of the load times that can be fixed with the use of a plugin, this is a great theme that suits those who want a colorful blog that has an outdoors style appearance.

The theme itself has somewhat of a magazine style layout, not more suited to those who want to run a personal blog, but those who want to create an information based website. Posts are laid out quite well on the front page of the theme, making blog contents very easy to access. Navigation is also very well thought out, with the strange addition of “”click to drop down”” menus in the category navigation for second tier pages and posts, which although seems a little strange, is a welcome addition to this theme.

From an SEO perspective, the theme can be optimized quite well, however keywords would need to be emphasized in titles, as they are created using H2 tags. Text can be used in the H1 format for the blog header, however if the need to use an image arose, this would mean that you would lose the ability to have keywords in the header, however this can be emphasized by using title tags for the images by using the editor. Thankfully, the coding structure behind the Boardwalk WordPress theme is labelled well, and fairly easy to understand, even for those who have a very basic understanding of website coding.

Before I lead us into the part where I will cap off this article, I will make it very clear that this theme is a theme that is not suitable to all bloggers. Whilst there are some great themes out there, such as Thesis and Frugal that serve many purposes, and are heavily customizable, the Boardwalk WordPress theme is one that is suited to those who already like the layout of this theme, and are prepared to use that theme, as is, for their blog. Sure, certain customisations can be made willingly, if you have the know how, however, for the kind of layout that this theme uses, there is only going to be a certain level of customization that is available.

Having said that, this theme is an outstanding theme, it is easy to use, it is pretty to look at, and it is easy to customize within its own boundaries. It may not be as fast as possible, but this can be solved using the super cache plugin. The plugins that come with this theme are welcome, and offer extra functionality as well, all in all, for bloggers and publishers of news, out of the various top WordPress themes that re available, this one should turn your head a little.

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