Blogging has become a phenomenal trend

´╗┐Blogging has become a phenomenal trend of the century with the birth of free web hosting such as WordPress, Blogger, Xanga and LiveJournal. One of the most prominent webs hosting in blogosphere, WordPress is most preferable for its versatility in tutorial posting and editing. Layouts in WordPress blog are designed by Kubrick, which is also known as Default Theme. Kubrick has been around for years as the main template of WordPress. However, custom theme has soared as the next big thing in WordPress.
Custom theme in WordPress is slowly replacing Kubrick theme as blog layout. Users prefer to customize their blogs to make them outstanding among millions of blogs in the Internet. This especially true for famous and influential bloggers who hired professional IT individuals to encode new CSS and HTML required for new layout design.
Although changing codes might be difficult for beginners, there are various tutorials that can be learned via World Wide Web. With advanced technology, there are even websites that offer to customize blog theme for free. WordPress users take this advantage to revamp the whole layout look. Beautiful and extraordinary layout or theme displayed in the blog is believed to attract more readers and create heavier traffic into the blog. People do this to increase online income through advertising in their blog. Hence, custom theme is preferred as the first step to better layouts for their blogs.
Some people also love to create layouts from scratch. They believed that their layouts need personal touch to make their blog really special and one-of-a-kind. Tutorials in YouTube are big help in such matter. Professional IT individuals sometimes created blogs of their own to spread knowledge about customizing blog layouts. In their blogs, some innovative suggestions are given that makes Kubrick theme seemed so outdated and old- fashioned.
Fresh layouts and themes are also available in design-oriented sites. All WordPress users need to do is downloading the theme that caught their attention. Later on, they just need to upload the custom theme onto their WordPress sites. Such convenience made Kubrick theme less popular because rigid theme is no longer applicable to cyber world that requires constant makeovers.
The smart ones designed more themes to be sold to big companies and famous bloggers as side income. People see this coming as the next revolutionary change in WordPress which created job opportunity for graphic designers. This is why Kubrick theme is much forgotten by users especially to experienced bloggers. In the Internet, you might find plenty of sources to provide new design themes to WordPress blogs.
WordPress documentation and application tabs also makes layout changing less frustrating to many. Instructions are stated for people to follow which makes more users opt for major layout makeover. Some users alter Kubrick theme instead of the old Kubrick theme to make their layouts less boring. However, the downside to Kubrick re-adaptation is sometimes the CSS files are in header files, not in style sheet that might be confusing for beginners. It is not recommended if users want totally different design since altering Kubrick theme means you will still stuck with Kubrick look with minor changes.
Although Kubrick theme has served people as the main theme in WordPress all these years, it is time that people move on to world of creativity and changes. Custom theme is here to stay to dominate WordPress sites unless Kubrick theme changes into a better and more eye-catching theme.

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