Benefits of Having More Then One Blog in the Same Niche

Benefits of Having More Then One Blog in the Same Niche

There are many people who have blogs in the same niche and many people own multiple blogs in the same niche and there is a reason for this. The most obvious reason is that you’ll make more money from having more blogs, and this is true but it takes more work. You need to be prepared to spend a lot of time on your blogs and once you start opening multiple blogs your workload starts doubling and tripling. The advantage of making your blogs in the same niche is that you’ll be able to write content and do your promotion at the same time for every blog. If you had blogs spread across different niches then your marketing and promotion would need to be different for each niche most likely which means you wouldn’t have enough time to properly run the blogs and make them successful. If you run the blogs in the same niche then the promotion and marketing can be done at the same time for the blogs and although it will take a bit longer to submit everything each day it could really boost your revenue. Ideally you’d target different keywords for each blog because there is no point competing with yourself for keywords, and there are enough keywords in every niche that it should never come down to you needing to optimize a blog for keywords that you’ve already optimized on another blog. Having multiple blogs can have many benefits down the road and we’ll talk about some of them throughout the rest of this article.

More Blogs = More Profit

It’s simple to say that multiple blogs can earn more money, there is an argument that one big blog could earn more, but more webmasters say multiple blogs makes more profit and also makes promotion easier. You should build one blog at first though and let it get traffic going before making other blogs, if you do this then you should be able to send traffic from the flagship blog to the new blogs you create over time.


Pending you’ve spent the few bucks it costs for dedicated IP’s you can interlink your blogs. Make sure the blogs are on their on IP though and if possible own hosting plan. I say this because if you’re caught interlinking blogs on the same IP then you may get de-indexed from Google which would be horrible. Interlinking your blogs is what makes it a network though and traffic can flow from one blog to the next. Ideally that is what you want and why you should target different areas of the niche with each new blog you create in the network.

Owning the Niche

Although you’ve already gotten a niche blog for one topic you could always start creating blogs in the same general niche but using different niches in that general niche. For instance you could blogs for all the celebrities you like and then interlink them together and make a niche network. You’ll begin to own the niche with many powerful blogs and can make a lot of money through this method.

Having blogs in the same niche is very beneficial and it can also lead to more money down the road. If you have ten decent blogs compared to one good blog you’ll usually make more revenue on the multiple blogs and when it comes time to sell them you’ll make more typically as well. Unless you have a blog that is a complete authority in the topic then going with multiple niche blogs is a wiser decision. You can then also sell only apart of your niche blog network and you have the option then to keep some of the revenue coming in monthly and also selling a piece of the network for quick cash. Niche blogs I feel dominate general blogs, especially nowadays with there being millions of blogs on the internet now.

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