Beginner Custom Header

Anyone can create a header.  However, it is not the best idea to create your own header because you can have problems which would deter customers and web users from your site.  There are a few reasons why you might consider hiring a professional to create a custom header for your site rather than create your own.

Printing problems occur quite a bit from websites where people create their own headers.  This usually is because the code for the header conflicts with the driver for the printer.  If you don’t know about creating custom headers and you aren’t a professional then you will probably have problems printing your header from your site too.  If this option is important to you then you might want to consider hiring a professional to design your header.

A professional knows how to properly design a header that will be compatible with your site.  They will ensure that there are no conflicts with the code.  Often times when people create their own header it looks funny once they put the code into the html for their site.

A professional will make sure that the header has full functionality.  If you want people to be able to click on the header and lead it to your website or another location on the web then a professional designer can do this for you too.  Many people create their own headers and find that their header doesn’t work when people click on it and is a broken link. Hackers love to redirect headers also to other sites.  This might happen also when you don’t use a professional to build your header for you.

When you create your own custom headers you will come across errors that you don’t know how to fix.  You might create ‘band-aid’ fixes that may lead to bigger problems down the road.  It is important to understand the code and understand clearly the errors you receive.  This is because you may have conflicting code that needs to be fixed.  Your header may not sit right on the page.

Your header could also cause other problems to occur on your website if it is not designed properly.  A professional header designer can integrate a header that works well on your website.

A professional designer should be considered when you design a header for your website.  They know what the viewers are looking for in a header to grasp the attention and create a positive impact through creativity.

A professional also knows how to be sure the header works as it should on the website by providing total functionality.  A header is one of the most important things you will implement on your website and you must consider a professional for your header graphic’s needs.


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