Become an Active Member in the Blogosphere

Become an Active Member in the Blogosphere

You’d actually probably be surprised but if you’re an active member in the blogosphere then it will bring you countless amounts of free traffic, and can make your blog more mainstream. There are tons of blogs created and many more created on a daily basis and you need to make sure that if you plan on blogging that you make yourself stand out from the crowd. There are tons of social networking sites for bloggers that can help create a name for yourself and your blog, and the more time you spend on working on networking the better results you’ll see.

Don’t expect to get thousands of visitors overnight from a couple conversations, but over time if you consistently use the social networking sites for bloggers then you can gain a following of people, especially if your blog is half-decent. Twitter is probably the most popular network for bloggers right now and it allows bloggers to follow the daily internet lives of other bloggers. Anyone can use the site though and you don’t need to be a blogger which means that many blog readers also use the site to follow the popular bloggers. If you make yourself noticeable on Twitter then chances are more and more people will begin to follow you which simply means they can see whenever you post something new to Twitter.

This means you can post a new blog post and then notify everyone on your Twitter about it within seconds which will help gain you a readership. If your knowledge is useful and not just regurgitated nonsense then you will stand a much better shot at retaining the readers that come from the social networking sites.

Another way to become active in the blogosphere to benefit your blog is by commenting regularly on different blogs. I always make sure I comment on certain blogs, as then you begin to gain a friendship with the other blogger which can be great for your blog. This can lead into link exchanges, blog post exchanges and even traffic exchanges through numerous methods. The possibilities are endless and the fact is most bloggers like networking with other bloggers to help each other out. All you need to do is make yourself noticeable by commenting on blogs, and obviously you might not be noticed on a blog with hundreds of comments a day but if you comment on semi popular blogs you can become noticed quickly.

You can also link to other blogs in your blog posts and they will then notice that they’ve been linked to from your blog. This could end up getting you a link in return and depending on which blog links you back it could bring in huge amounts of traffic.

Your best friends are other bloggers when you’re a blogger yourself so make sure you remember that and always be network with other bloggers. Also if you’re asked for help from a fellow blogger you should help them out because you never know what it could lead too. You may end up getting a link from them or even a review from them and it could lead to more traffic. If it’s a service you offer on your blog then you may even get more business from it. Sometimes doing free work leads to higher paying jobs which mean you should always consider doing freebies for some people. If it gets you advertising out of the deal then it’s not working for free anyways, so you need to think of it like this.

There is nothing more important I find then becoming friends with other bloggers in your niche, because although there sort of your competition you can still benefit from helping them out. Blog commenting also builds your backlinks so this is the most important thing to do, because even if it leads nowhere you’ll at least be getting some backlinks. The do-follow backlinks help your search engine placements as well, but most bloggers don’t use do-follow. If you find a do-follow blog then you should bookmark it and comment there at least once a day because then you’re guaranteed to be increasing your backlinks everyday which is something that Google and the other search engines love to see.

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