Artisteer – Create You Own Stunning WordPress Themes – And Much More

Artisteer – Create You Own Stunning WordPress Themes – And Much More If you’re online regularly you’ve undoubtedly heard of WordPress. If you’re into Internet Marketing or have a personal blog, chances are you’re using WordPress, and most likely more than a single installation if you’re an Affiliate Marketer. I have no doubt that a new program called Artisteer will soon be synonymous with WordPress, even though you may not have heard of it …yet. Artisteer is one of the hottest new software programs to be released recently, and was the Product of the Year by The Red Ferret Journal. If you haven’t heard of Artisteer yet, I can promise you that it will soon be in every smart marketers WordPress toolbox. As much as you need those certain plugins every time that you install WordPress, you also need a beautiful, functional, fully W3C compliant theme. That’s where Artisteer comes in. When you install WordPress one of the first decisions to be made is, which theme will I use ? Obviously there are tens of thousands of themes to choose from, but there’s drawbacks to free themes as well as premium themes. Should you choose a free theme, there’s a chance that unless you really know the source of the theme, you could be getting more in the code that you want, read malicious script. Although I like to believe that the overwhelming majority of people are honest and aren’t out to do anything underhanded, there are those individuals lurking around the Internet that have bad intentions. Also, when you install one of the popular free themes, there’s most likely hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of others using the same theme. You really don’t want to have your blog looking like everyone else, do you ? You could of course opt for a nice premium theme. Here, even though there is most likely nothing embedded in the code that you should fear, the cost of some of the premium themes is fairly steep. It’s not uncommon to see prices in the $50-$100 for a very good WordPress theme. Artisteer is the answer and it’s an amazing, long overdue application. Not only is this piece of software very reasonably priced at $49.95 for the Home and Academic Edition, and $129.95 for the Standard Edition it is packed with features. For as little as fifty dollars, you can produce your own custom, high quality, totally original WordPress themes. When creating your own design there’s no more wishing that there was a free theme available that looked just right, or having to spend all that money to obtain a theme that you do like. Even then, there’s probably at least hundreds of other sites using the same premium theme. If you do purchase only premium themes, styles do change, what’s great-looking today will most likely look outdated in a few months. Oh, Artisteer isn’t limited to WordPress themes either. If you’re using Joomla, Drupal, CodeCharge, or if you just need to export your stunning creation as an ASP.NET application, Artisteer is still your tool of choice. Please note that you will need the Standard Edition to support Joomla, Drupal, CodeCharge and ASP.NET. The Home and Academic Edition will allow exports to XHTML/CSS as well as supporting WordPress. Artisteer is feature-packed, but one of the great features is, it’s a piece of cake to learn and use. With a cool feature that will suggest themes for you, there’s not even the need for you to come up with that perfect theme from scratch. When you find a look that you like, just take it from there and tweak it to your heart’s content. Artisteer allows you to easily change practically every thing in the theme to a custom setting. It’s just a selection of different pre-designed themes to choose from, selecting a suggested theme in Artisteer is just the beginning. Of course you can also use your own headers, graphics and other specific items. There’s no longer a need to learn HTML, CSS, Photoshop, Dreamweaver or any of the other popular tools normally associated with Web design. Artisteer creates perfectly validated W3C XHTML and CSS code. Now in version 2, the design group behind Artisteer is to be commended for keeping the software updated regularly, adding new features and never being satisfied with simply having the best program of it’s kind. It also nice to know that you’re not forgotten after the initial purchase. You get free updates for a year after purchase, and a very moderate upgrade fee afterwards. If you now have numerous WordPress sites, or plan to in the future, Artisteer will pay for itself nearly immediately. Even if you have just one WordPress Blog that you put all of your time and attention into, Artisteer would still be a wise decision, as you can create that perfect theme that only you will have. Of course we all know how long that new look will satisfy us, but when you have Artisteer available, just load it up and create your next masterpiece theme.

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