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online blogging makes it all possible. There are ample of blogging software in the cyberspace and they all offer the same service, which is a portal for us to express our ideas. Well, in a tough market, one would have to find his way to surpass his competitions. This is where plugins come in! Plugins are usually used to further enhance and extend the functionality of your blog. As one of the leading blog service, WordPress offers more than hundreds plugins, with some really brilliant function and some not-so-useful features. Eventually, it is still up to the blogger to decide which plugins are useful and which are not.
    Extra protection is always welcomed. Akismet is one of the popular plugins offered by WordPress, where it filters all the spam comments against the Akismet web service, ensuring that this is no junk in your blog. Very useful and effective against those dreadful bots!
    While with Get Recent Comment, you will see a sidebar featuring all your latest or tradeback comments. You will have complete access to the appearance, whether to show the comments by corresponding post or simply by date. The plugin also allows you to filter unwanted pingbacks, ignore unwanted comments and etc. Plus, it works as a widget too.
    Then, there is Google sitemaps which allows blogger to complaint XML-Sitemap of their WordPress blog with Google sitemaps. Google sitemaps supports all pages generated by WordPress, including the custom ones. All major search engines that carry sitemap protocol such as Google, YAHOO, MSN Search will be notified of every update you make to your WordPress blog. Doesn’t it sound really high-tech?
    Flexible Upload, a WordPress plugin that intend to enhance basic upload functionality. Blogger can resize their pictures to a specify the size and also affix a watermark signature in all the pictures. And then we have WP Super Cache, a plugin that will help in speeding up your WordPress blog efficiently. This plugin works by generating html files, which are served by Apache without having to go through relatively troublesome PHP scripts.
    Advertisement on blog is nothing but a common norm. Easy Adsenser intends to provide an effortless method to insert Goggle AdSense code into your WordPress blog. You will have a widget displaying all the ads in your sidebar, along with a Google Search box. Easy Adsenser is most definitely the first plugin that allows you complete control over everything related to Adsense.
    twitME, an absolutely convenient plugin that lets blogger automatically post their new posts on twitter website. Besides, WP-GravatarWOrdpress Popular Posts will show the most popular posts in your blog by listing it out on a sidebar. Blogger is free to customize the widget according to his liking.  
    The lists go on and on. At the end of the day, it is still up to the blogger, whether to enhance their WordPress blog with Goggle Sitemap or WP Super Cache, or perhaps both. We all know how cool it is to have a blog that have more than just words.

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