Advantages of SEO in social networking realm

´╗┐Advantages of SEO in social networking realm
One of the most interesting advantages you can get from social networking is that you can use it to improve your web ranking and as a powerful SEO tool. Have you ever considered search engine optimization as a tool for improve your web ranking and give you more visibility in front of search engine? Nowadays, I have seen several businesses promoting their websites –products and services– through Twitter and Facebook and they are reporting huge benefits since they started with this practice. There are several a advantages that I would like to share with you so that you can be aware of them and use them in benefit of your business.

-Social networking increase visibility: Instead you only submit your articles to article directories or promote your website or blog using all the conventional SEO tools you can also send links of your articles and posts throughout social networking. It will help a lot your business and will increase your visibility in search engine as well as more traffic to your site.

-It keeps you closer to customers: When you interact with your customers through Twitter they will feel more comfortable and closer to you –the products, brand or services you are representing. This is very important that you have in mind that social networking make a stronger relationship between you and your customers.

-Give your more presence in search engines: Search engines are able to understand the kind of relationship you have with your followers –in the case of Twitter– or friends –in the case of Facebook. This is why the more interaction you have with your contacts in social networking the more visibility you get in search engines.

-More people can have access to what you offer: Not only more people with have access to your company through social networks, I really think that social networking is the perfect way to people hear from you directly to their mobile phones or portable devices everywhere they are. This is something that increase your possibilities to provide information about you to customers almost all the time.

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