A Woman’s Face in the Marketplace

A Woman’s Face in the Marketplace.txt

A Woman’s Face in the Marketplace

Even though the argument that women are entitled to the same rights and opportunities as men is completely viable, one thing is clear is that each gender has their strength. Thus women though having the same rights as men at the workplace, bring their own unique strengths wherever they are that can help balance their male colleagues. Men and women are similar in many ways and especially in their core humanity-but they are also somewhat different in a how they think, how they make decisions in various situations and also how they manage the challenges they meet.

Even though research into human behavior has repeatedly shown these differences, scientists and psychologists are also quick to concede that just because most men behave a certain way does not mean that no women portrays similar behavior most or some of the time and vise versa. In other words, there is no absolute.

One strength that women have is their prowess in multitasking. This is something that has made them better in managing the affairs of the home by juggling between changing diapers, cooking, disciplining children and advising their spouse. But these strengths are now being projected into the business environment where the ability to multitask is becoming a core factor in determining whether one succeeds or fails.

Unlike in the past where you would be hired into a specific position and was expected to only be skilled in that one thing, today the job environment increasingly demands and favors persons that have the ability to handle multiple responsibilities and projects simultaneously without anything falling to the ground. This is something that has seen a number of women climb to the top of some of the biggest blue chip corporations in the world today.

Women have a greater focus on detail. A woman’s skills are clearly seen in the home where as a mother, she is able to keep tabs on everyone and can tell when someone is not their usual self. This is unlike men that are often less keen on the detail. In business probably more than any other facet of life, the devil is in the detail.

A single clause in a booklet style multi-million dollar contract can be the difference on whether both parties come out as winners or if one side is shortchanged. In a business environment, you need someone that will take their time to go through the details of not only contracts but project plans, the employee short listing and interviewing process, procurement, marketing and all other aspects of the work place.

There is no denying that women are powerful negotiators. There are numerous instances in business where an impasse was resolved because of the presence of a woman negotiator on one or both sides. Maybe it is the maternal instinct that drives women to always look for a way for both sides in a business contract to benefit which can help diffuse otherwise tense discussions.

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