A Review of Content Wizard For Blogging Online Marketers

Content Wizard Review For Blogging and Content Management

 Business automation started out way before the net existed, but the wish to enjoy the advantages of it is felt by all of us. There are so many mundane activities we need to do on a daily basis. Also, employing automation is an excellent use of leverage that saves us a lot of time. That is time saved so we can easily devote to money-making activities such as marketing our offers. Today we offer a review of Leslie Bogaerts’ Content Wizard WordPress plugin. Content Wizard is a cool little tool that packs a lot of power in the form of benefits and features. Even so, as you will learn, this plugin is quite feature rich, and Leslie has already recently updated (at the time of this writing) an autoblogging enhancement.

Blogs are, in a word, time sucking web sites that can be aggravating if you do not have much experience with them. Most of us know the pain of doing everything by hand such as category creation, tag creation and manually uploading content. On the front end, you are able to post content with simply one mouse click with Content Wizard. But don’t worry about managing post location since you can designate specific categories for each post. So this means you will not just be posting to where ever, and you will realize your posts are going where they ought to be.

Let’s speak about a few additional features and benefits of Content Wizard. The vast bulk of blog owners count on search engine rankings for traffic. No more manual tag creation to stress with using Content Wizard. We are uncertain how that ability may integrate with your SEO related plugins, to be fair. But I consider you can have all your questions answered by Leslie about specifics.

Automating your content management is crucial for many, and there is much more readily available with this plugin. Certainly you will have the power to schedule all future postings according to time and date. Leslie has already recently upgraded Content Wizard plugin for autoblogging. We know autoblogging has been pretty hot for a good while, so that should be appealing to some of you.

If you’re drawn to using PLR material, or articles, then there is a little something here for you, too. You can forget about the issue with SEO and PLR content because you can make your posts unique to the bots. We may speculate how well this will be able to handle a human evaluation by search engines; so do keep that thought in your mind.

Additional goodies for Content Wizard consist of an unlimited license, and you can use on any number of your sites with no restrictions. Naturally the upgrades are free for life which is great albeit not uncommon. For site flippers, you can sell sites that include this plugin – so that’s a pretty nice aspect. Also, there’s no developers license required if you build blogs to offer as a business.

A Great Software plugin for any wordpress Set Up.

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