5 Popular Must Have WordPress Plugins

5 Popular “Must Have” WordPress Plugins

If you have a WordPress blog, there are certain plugins you will need to install to make blogging easier. A lot of blog posts lately recommend various, “”must-have”” WordPress plugins. Most of the commonly recommended plugins include:

1. All-in-One SEO Pack: Easy fill-in-the-blanks features to optimize your blog post for first-page search engine ranking. Add a Title, Meta Description, and Meta Tags (keywords) to every post you create.

2. WP Greet Box: Shows a different greeting message to your visitors depending on which referrer url they’re coming from (ex., Google, Facebook, Digg, etc.).

3. Aweber Web Form Plugin: “”This widget allows you to quickly and easily…Drag and drop web forms that you have created in your AWeber email marketing account into your blog, without having to log into your AWeber account or copy and paste anything!””

4. Thank Me Later: Automatically sends a “”thank you”” email to anyone who comments on your blog and reminds them to engage further with your blog.

5. Askimet: This plugin comes preloaded on your blog, but you will need to activate it with a WordPress.com API. Just follow the instructions and this plugin will take care of all your blog spam.

Another popular WordPress plugin that you have to purchase and download to your WordPress blog is Popup Domination. This plugin undoubtedly helps increase your email opt-in rates and makes your blog look professional. Most importantly, it helps build your email list. It is widely used and comes highly recommended by professional bloggers. A more affordable alternative is another plugin called OptinPop.

You can find and install most of them from within your WordPress backoffice. Popup Domination can be found by doing a Google search for the product. Installation is usually quick easy with all of the plugins, but OptinPop requires additional technical know-how in order to make it work correctly. You can learn more about OptinPop on their website.

Of course there are more great plugins you can choose from and install on your WordPress blog, but these will definitely make your blogging experience much easier and smoother. This list of popular plugins was compiled from recommendations from professional bloggers and are most certainly recommended for a reason, but having the right plugins will not make you more profitable as a blogger. You have to learn the basics of blogging for success, then you must learn how to market professionally to monetize your blogging efforts.

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