5 Gotta Have WordPress Plugins

5 Gotta-Have WordPress Plugins

Right here is my top-five list of must-have WordPress Plugins. All of these are free plugins, helping to make them even better!

1) All-in-One SEO Pack–This plugin helps your Search engine optimization right out of the box, without any configuration. To improve your on-page SEO, the plugin allows you to add title, description and keywords to make your posts more internet search engine friendly, but it is not a requirement.

2) WP-Super Cache–A caching plugin is really a requirement with Google’s new focus on page load speed. WP-Super Cache enables logged in users to disable caching, important if you’re trying to do some editing on your site minus the pages constantly caching. It also allows mobile support and greatly speeds up page load times..

3) StatPress Reloaded–Offers you site statistics instantly. StatPress explains exactly where your traffic is arriving from; it shows you the amount of daily page views, referrers, IP addresses, user agents (bots) and much more. A great addition to AWStats from the hosting company.

4) SEO Smart Links–SEO Smart Links increases your internal linking structure, an essential element of SEO. To configure this plugin, you add a list of keywords, and whenever one of these is brought up in an additional post, SEO Smart Links immediately links to it. You can also specify a URL which is linked to specific keywords, if you decide to want to link to an affiliate offer, this is a fast and simple way to do so.

5) WordPress Database Backup–It’s very vital that you have made an up-to-date backup of your site in the event anything goes very wrong, or your blog is hacked. This plugin will e-mail you backups on a regular schedule, or else you can have them saved to your server. There are lots of additional fantastic plugins for WordPress absolutely do deserve mention, but I’d rather not make your eyes glaze over completely right now.

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