3 Simple Ways You Can Boost Your Adsense Commissions

So you finally got your website up, now you are looking for a way to actually monetize your website. Everyone knows the best way to do this is through Google Adsense! There are webmasters who make thousands each months off their websites using ad sense. Yet there are others who are struggling to earn a “few pennies”. If you are going to be successful using ad sense you have to do it right.

Here are 3 ways proven by successful webmaster to increase your ad sense earnings:

1. One way is to use one format for all of your ad sense ads. The format that works for the majority of webmasters is the Large Rectangle (336X280). This format has appealed to a lot of people because it looks like an regular web link and not like an advertisement.

2. When creating a palette for your ad sense ads you want to make sure they blend in with the color of your website. Why? This will make the ad look like it is apart of your website, leading to more clicks from people, which maximizes your earnings.

3. Instead of having your ad sense ads at the bottom of your webpage, move your ads to the top. At the top, people that visit your website will be able to see it, and you will be surprise how many will actually click on them.

These are just a few simple ways you can make more money with ad sense through your website. If you follow just two of the advice given here you can definitely increase your ad sense earnings. I guarantee you. Go ahead and give it a shot.


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