10 Best WordPress Plugins That Will Increase Your SERPs

10 Best WordPress Plugins That Will Increase Your SERPs

Doing SEO is a complicated process. However, if we understand well the technique, we can achieve the goal. In order to get better search engine ranking, we can use some useful plugins for our websites. 10 best WordPress Plugins are the important things that we can use in order to increase our serps in google. We can easily narrow the gap between success and failure in SEO by installing these plugins into our websites.

The following plugins are tested and used widely by SEOers:

1. All in One SEO Pack

This is the first important plugin that can help you customize the post title, post description, and post tags for individual page. In addition, this also can help you to customize the Cononical URLs for the entire WordPress site. By using this plugin, you can have a good chance to be listed with high SERPs.

2. Broken Link Checker

This plugin is very important and essential to your website because it can control and monitor all links in your site. Once your site has broken links, it will list out and and give you reports about dead links. This will help you control easily all links in your website. By using this plugin, you can update information regularly, and keep your site free from dead links.

3. Google XML Sitemaps Generator

Sitemap is very important to a website. This plugin plays an important role in your site because it can generate an XML-Sitemap of your WordPress site. Since then, the content in your site will be crawled easily by SES ( search engine spiders). This plugin can support for other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing, Ask and others.

4. SEO Friendly Images

This plugin will help you gain 1 point for SERPs because you have SEO friendly images in your website. A website with proper alt and title attributes in images will help you gain more traffic from Google image search.

5. No Self Pings

The internal links in your website are very important to help visitors navigate easily information. However, your page rank will be down due to the sefl pings effect. By using this plugin, you can remove all pingbacks from your own site. This plugin will eliminate the bad effect and enhance your SERPs.

6. Enforce www. Preference

Canoical issue is very important to decide your backlinks and ranking. You will have two options to think about. www(dot)domain(dot)com and domain(dot)com are two different sites when you do backlinks for your site. So in order to avoid losing backlinks, you must use this plugin that can overcome this problem. It will redirect from www(dot)domain(dot)com to domain(dot)com and vice versa. So you are again free from trouble.

7. Platinum SEO Pack

This SEO Pack is as good as All in One SEO Pack, but it has more futures when you compare to All in One SEO Pack ( index, noindex, noarchive, nosnippet…etc..). However, the usage of those two packs are the same. So it depends on the users’ decision.

8. SEO Smart Links

This is very important for SEO because it can help users and spiders navigate your site easily. This plugin can gather keywords, tags, phrases and links with your related posts in your website properly. This process will be done automatically, but you need to configure it appropriately in Control Panel.

9. SEO Slugs

This is very useful for your website to be ranked well once you install this plugin. You will have a better chance to be ranked well with many keywords in your long URL. However, some common words such as “”a””, “”the””, “”and””….are redundant to SERPs. That is why this plugin can help you get rid of these unused common keywords. This process will be done automatically once you install this plugin.

10. Robots Meta

The last but not least. Robots Meta is one of the most important plugins that can help your website to be indexed or not. It can help you to decide to prevent search engines from indexing your website or not. This will help you eliminate some pages with duplicate content. Since then search engines will not decrease your page rank.

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