Change Fonts with this WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin lets you change all your website’s paragraph and heading text without having to delve into your WordPress theme and change the css.

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CSS for Changing Links to Different Colors in WordPress : Web Design & WordPress

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Essential Grid WordPress Plugin – Introduction

Essential Grid is an all-purpose grid building solution for WordPress that allows you to display various content formats in a highly customizable grid. Possi…

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WordPress Development Tutorials – pt 4: HTML CSS to Theme

How to use wp_nav_menu() to generate a wordpress menu.

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MailChimp WordPress Plugin

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WordPress Development Tutorials – pt 3 : HTML CSS to Theme

How to create a menu with WordPress. This video shows how to create a menu within the WordPress dashboard. The next video will show how to call it with the w…

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How to Connect Facebook & WordPress Plugins : WordPress Lessons

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Test WordPress Plugin Speed

Continue the Conversation at Today’s Topic: WordPress Plugins can dramatically slow down set load times. Many times they are either poorly written, or were installed…

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